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Austin. ‘Nuff Said.

Go figure we liked Austin.  I’d expected it to be fun and young like Portland or Boulder, but what surprised both Kate and I was just how active it is.

We have a good friend from our Arizona days, Chris, who hosted us for a few nights with his girlfriend Gretchen. Despite being busy starting his business, Blipic, Chris took time out guide us through the rock climbing spots on the Pedernales River. This was within walking distance from his house. We strolled by several people who must have been fitness models headed toward a photo shoot.

The next day we recovered a bit and did some laundry. We the had some great food from the food trucks, met with some other friends from college and found out that you could rent a canoe and bring dinner on the river! Naturally, we also brought wine, humping it in plastic bags past all of the D1 wide receivers on their second workout of the day in the park.

Mind you, this was Harper’s first time in a canoe, and she did great! No worries about her jumping out for future boat trips. Come to think of it, it was Kate’s first time too, and she also managed to not jump out!

Overall exhausted we had just one more day in the area so we drove out to the Salt Lick for some Texas BBQ and explored Reimer Ranch and Pedernales Falls park. Made it back at dusk just in time to see a line of participants in American Ninja Warrior running down the path

We were somewhat surprised at how well Austin suckered us in, but it certainly lives up to it’s reputation.  Until next time!

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