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French Quarter and Lizard Leashes!

One of the big items on the list for Kate was a few days in New Orleans. Seeing as there was little camping nearby and it was getting pretty hot and humid, we ponied up for our first hotel stay of the trip!  First stop: French Quarter. Day one was dedicated to walking around and exploring the old city. We had some of the famous Beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and then grabbed Bloody Mary’s to pace up and down Bourbon street, checking out the pubs and witchcraft shops.

We finished the evening off with a Jazz boat ride, which is just what it sounds like. New Orleans’ only steamboat takes you for a two hour tour up the Mississippi while a live Jazz band plays. They do this at sunset so the views are amazing, especially of the St. Louis Cathedral.

For day number two we met up with some vandweller friends we met in New Mexico for brunch. They showed us one of their favorite restaurants, Elizabeth’s, and we sampled their French Toast burritoes and the best burger we can ever recall eating. It was called a Dream Burger and came with prelene bacon and blue cheese and was massive (hence us being able to share). Afterward we decided to walk it off in Jean Lafitte National Historic Park.

We then booked it up to Monroe to visit one of Kate’s best friends, Caroline, and her now fiance, Corey. We didn’t take many pictures, because we were too busy catching up but Caroline did catch a lizard and tie a little string leash around him. I, uh… just watched.

Lousiana was weird and fun and Cajun and we would definitely visit New Orleans again. Too many houses on stilts to feel comfortable living here, though. The were a constant reminder of how much water affects the landscape.

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