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Van Trip Kickoff: Took Us Long Enough!

Our journey started with some housekeeping steps including picking up the rest of our family!  On the way down to Crested Butte, Colorado we stopped at Hanging Lakes and hiked up the snow covered trail.

Harper, our 2.5 year old German Shepard, stayed with good friends near Crested Butte, Colorado while we were in Europe for 2 months. She was certainly spoiled!

While Harper was being fostered, she got to spend some time in Chopwood Mercantile helping out!

Crested Butte got bombed with snow while we were away!

Lisa and Travis did a great job of watching her, and Harper made a lot of new friends!

Driving down 285 to the San Luis Valley is one of Colorado’s Scenic Byways and didn’t disappoint.

Our first night on the road greeted us with a gorgeous sunset and great view of the San Luis Valley and Great Sand Dunes.



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