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A Whole Post on Kansas!

We took a planned pit stop in Missouri for a week for a nice family reunion. Not really a pit stop as much as a planned milestone. Our trip took a change in scenery and we were feeling a bit relieved to exit the tick infested south to a bit drier air.

Kansas, it turns out, has quite a few fishing lakes that are pretty well developed and great for spending a few days camping at. The cool breeze of the lake was a relief in the summer heat as well!

We visited Fort Scott and then spent some time with our cousins who gave a great tour of Kansas City. The WWI history museum there is incredible.

Afterwards, we took a day trip to Kanopolis State Park and hiked around some of the nice caves there. Lots of cool little trails.

Out in the middle of western Kansas is a privately owned plot of land with a feature called Monument Rocks on it. These rocks are leftover erosion pillars from when the great plains were under water. You can see seashells in the walls!

Not many places to camp for free out in western Kansas, so this little lake housed us for a few days as we planned our attack for Nebraska and the Dakotas.

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